Jewellery Care

How to look after your Jewellery

All jewellery tarnishes over time, following some simple instructions will ensure your jewellery remains in excellent condition for a long time.

We advise you to clean your jewellery with mild, soapy water and polish with a soft cloth.

Keep jewellery pieces in separate gift pouch or box to prevent scratching and slow down any Oxidation.

Make sure your jewellery does not come in contact with perfume, hairspray or deodorant.

We also recommend you remove all jewellery before swimming.

How the jewellery is worn and kept will determine the time it takes to fade.

3 Simple Rules that apply to Solid Silver,Solid Gold and Plated Jewellery:

1. Always keep your items in a sealed bag or Jewellery box when  not being worn.

2. Never wear your Jewellery in the shower as the chemicals we use to clean our bodies can also react with Jewellery.

3. Always put on your jewellery after you have used your perfume and hairspray.

Top Tips:

1. These rules apply to Solid Gold, Solid Silver and Plated Jewellery.

2 Never use an abrasive to clean any of your jewellery.

3. If you do not have a jewellery box to store your jewellery, keep your items in clear plastic sealable bags.This slows down the oxidation process